Our Partners

At iplanit we are passionate about supporting disability service providers to locate and integrate the best technology applications on the market. 

We think that integration of the best available technology systems is the key to resolving the back office complexities raised by the NDIS.

So if you are looking for, rosters, HR, finance, CRM, and workforce management, we are willing and able to help; just ask us about our integrated solutions.


Meet our partner easyemployer. A leading supplier of rosters, time and attendence and workforce management systems to industry. An easyemployer and iplanit integration will help you drive efficiencies while providing unprecedented specialisation in the areas of client and employee management. 


National Disability Services (NDS) has been a long time partner of iplanit and advocate for the iplanit person centred approach to data collection and management. NDS has been instrumental in assisting iplanit to market readiness for Australia and the move to the NDIS and our team continue to work closely with the NDS team.



Introducing our new affiliate National Disability Practitioners (NDP) the leading representative body for disability professionals. We believe in assisting people everyday to do their best work, and we think iplanit supports disability practitioners and professionals to assist their clients in meaningful and helpful ways. 

NDP Masterbrand RGB


If you are a vendor interested in partnering with iplanit and NDS, Australia's leading disability service provider representative body, get in contact by sending us an email at:

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