Large Providers

Large organisations require specialised IT and back office solutions.

iplanit is a scalable information management system that can be tailored to meet the reports with mapoperational requirements of disability, mental health and aged care providers.

Already deployed in over 100 organisations, with up to 20,000 clients; iplanit engages your teams and clients by providing a unique person-centred approach to information management.

There are profound challenges facing large human service providers as operational environments move toward individualised and bespoke service provision. Large organisations require responsive and innovative systems that will keep up with the pace of change, whilst providing easy to use access points for clients and staff.

Many larger provider organisations require an integrated approach to supporting the client from intake, right through the support “lifecycle".To provide your organisation with the best possible solution we draw on our international experience deploying systems to a diverse customer base.

iplanit is unique, with some key differences to other software as a service (SaaS) products available today:  

Project management: our team of IT and human service professionals will assist you to successfully and gradually implement change through our ‘steps to success’ approach to project management. From high level assessments to determine the project scope to detailed analysis of operational needs, our team will work with you to develop a plan and timeline to ensure a successful roll out.
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Operational effectiveness: in depth look at your operational requirements with our human service and IT experts. Because our system is person centred we are constantly developing new and innovative responses to organisational operational requirements.

Decentralise operations: iplanit makes it easy to devolve operational control back to individual workers. Empowering your employees at the point of service provision is vital to individualised service success. 

Integrate systems: medium and large service providers often use a variety of information management systems for workforce, payroll, finance and have varying integration requirements. With ‘Iplanit connect’ we can tailor an integrated system that meets your needs.

Practice improvement: Iplanit enterprise helps you keep sight of your organisational mission without compromising on the back-office process and data requirements.

Reporting and compliance: easily track demographic data for marketing or compliance reporting whilst also monitoring organisational performance using iplanit’s KPI reporting. Meet jurisdictional compliance requirements with easy access to reports and data including serious incident reporting and risk management.

Our team of IT and human service professionals look forward to working with your team to develop a ‘best of kind’ IT and information management system. Get in contact with us today on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to organise a complementary demonstration of iplanit.